Seeing is Learning

Seeing is Learning

I work in a local ophthalmology business. Jack is one of our 13 year old patients who has been with us for three years.  Jack’s family lives in poverty and struggled with the expensive eyewear he has required year over year. When I met Jack he was a 10 year old energetic boy who loved sports and loved school, but his eye disease was progressing and he would need special care. Specialized eyewear can be extremely expensive and although there is some financial relief it doesn’t cover the entire costs, usually leaving parents to pay hundreds of dollars.  

His vision had deteriorated on his last visit and he didn’t have glasses with him. Jack seemed quiet and withdrawn.  I asked his parents if he broke his glasses, and they explained that they hadn’t been able to afford the price of the new prescription the year prior and Jack had fallen behind in school.  He just couldn’t see.  

The new prescription would cost his parents $550.00 after the subsidy.  This meant Jack would not have the new prescription heading into Middle School.  I suggested the family contact CFAX Santas Anonymous Society.  They were met with understanding and compassion for Jack’s plight.  Within days our office received the balance for Jack’s glasses from CFAX Santas Anonymous Society’s Children’s Special Grant Program.  

Many families struggle with these types of challenges for their children. Knowing that Santas Anonymous is available to help children like Jack warms my heart.  Restoring Jack’s ability to see so he can learn and play sports is the hand up that truly makes a difference in a child’s life.  

Support CFAX Santas Anonymous Society and together we will make sure youth like Jack, don’t get left behind.

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