For 45 years in Greater Victoria,

Volunteers have answered the call to help children in need in our community.

Some for over four decades!

National Volunteer Week April 24 to April 30th

Thank you CFAX Santas Anonymous Volunteers!

For 45 years this 98% volunteer driven Society prides itself in the generous, diverse, caring nature of its 400 volunteers.  Bringing their skills, passion and determination, Santas Anonymous Volunteers step up in full-force for the Christmas Program months ahead of gift and food hampers landing at the homes of thousands of children.

Some of CFAX Santas Volunteers gift their time during the Christmas season, and some throughout the year.  It is the hard work and commitment to the volunteer culture that keeps the Society’s costs low so more money is available for its Vision:

Create a better tomorrow by supporting local children in need today!

Volunteers encompass a broad range of giving – including firefighters throughout the Capital Regional District that pass on gift and food hampers to 1,200 families at Christmas, hundreds of volunteers that staff the Tree of Wishes in local shopping centers, volunteers that speak with each family about their child(ren)s wishes, office volunteers processing applications and assisting with administration, workshop and warehouse volunteers carefully packing thousands of gifts, drivers picking up toys and moving goods, social media volunteers spreading the word to keep the charity front and centre for the community, volunteer managers that work throughout the year to plan each campaign, and Santa Bear (and Robyn) making sure children of all ages feel the love.

Once the Christmas program wraps up each year, CFAX Santas Anonymous Society continues its work by expanding its giving year round with  More for the Kids    Since 2002 special grants have been awarded by the Society to address the needs of children and youth in the community with a focus on hunger, education, sport, mental health and “the greater good”.  Members of the volunteer Board of Directors oversee this program.


CFAX Santas Anonymous Society’s 14 member volunteer Board of Directors is proudly led by Ryan Price, President.

This week, we celebrate YOU -- CFAX Santas Anonymous Society’s valued volunteers! Thank you for your time, care and attention to the children, youth and their families in this community by supporting the various programs that prosper because of your commitment, year round.

Together we are making a difference!

Ryan Price, President
CFAX Santas Anonymous Society