Santas 2020 Christmas Hamper Program

Registered families receive gifts for the children and food for the family. 

Once a family is registered, Santas volunteers send instructions for the parent to call in at their convenience and discuss gifts their child would love to receive at Christmas.  Our volunteers send those wishes to Santas workshop where volunteers gather those gifts, and package for delivery to the family.

All families supported by Santas Anonymous will receive a food hamper. During Christmas break, children are home from school for up two weeks. At school children have access to breakfast programs, lunch, and snack programs to help them fight the pangs of hunger.

Santas Anonymous designs the three bag Christmas food hamper with foods for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners in mind.

Recipe cards are included for children and youth to follow.

A $50.00 food gift card will be included for perishables; groceries are purchased locally.


We are all in this together.  CFAX Santas Anonymous and other charities, foodbanks and organizations that deliver Christmas, work together in a network called the Christmas Giving Network. 

How and Why?  Processing Christmas gift and food hampers take a considerable amount of space – once we meet capacity we are unable to accept more families.  We will however continue to help other charities in the Christmas Giving Network behind the scenes with gifts and food.


I have submitted an application, what happens next?

  • In the coming weeks you will be contacted by email with instructions for contacting the Santas Anonymous workshop. When you call us, we will discuss gifts for your children and arrange your pickup/delivery.
  • You should start thinking about the gifts you would like to request for your children. Each child will receive two gifts, one gift should be approximately $40 in value.