One in Five children in British Columbia grow up in poverty - Statistics Canada

Many of my students live in poverty.  In serious poverty.  It is a real and tangible reality. Time and time again I witness scenarios like this:  

My student from an impoverished family comes to school late almost every morning.  I am grateful he makes it to school at all.   I ask him in private:  “have you had anything to eat?”  He shakes his head without making any eye contact with me.  Together we walk to the office for the apples and cheese funded by Santas Anonymous.  He takes only one apple and one piece of cheese.  The cheese disappears before we even make it back to my classroom.  He starts eating the apple hurriedly and with gusto.  I feel grateful I can see him eating healthy food.

Thank you Santas Anonymous.  I appreciate everything you do,  

Shameem Heatherington - Grade 6 English Teacher.

Together we can help children and youth fight childhood poverty in the Greater Victoria community.    

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