Sport, Fun and Summer Camp

Sport, Fun and Summer Camp

Sport, Fun, and Physical Activity are all imperative to the well-being of children and youth.

Extracurriculars play a vital role in creating community, dedication, well-being and confidence in youth that will last them a lifetime. By participating in sports, children are exposed to various mental, social, emotional, physical and educational benefits.


Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association offers spring break and summer camps that deliver a safe and dynamic experience to children and youth with diverse abilities. By equine assisted learning and therapies, the benefits associated with these activities will help improve the health outcomes of participants. 


Burnside Gorge Community Organization Camp Survivor - CFAX Santas Anonymous has issued camp subsidies for at-risk youth to participate in Camp Survivor summer camps.  The camps provide opportunities to learn new sports: kayaking, canoeing, wilderness exploration and more. Opportunities to work as a team, connect with the environment and learn new skills give at-risk youth experiences beneficial to lifelong learning.


PEACE Camp -- is a specialized camp for children and youth surviving the perils of domestic abuse. Victoria Women's Transition House offers PEACE Camp in spring and summer breaks with a focus of providing much needed group counselling and new experiences through sport and adventures. 


Society for Kids at Tennis -- This volunteer driven Society teaches children and youth to play Tennis.  Thousands of children and youth have learned this sport, promoting mental and physical health -- and good fun.  CFAX Santas Anonymous funds camp subsidies to make sure that every child wanting to, has a chance to learn and play.


Surrounded by Cedar - Cultural summer camp experience supporting indigenous children. 

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