Child Hunger

Over 163,000 children in British Columbia experience food insecurity.

British Columbia has one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada, 1 in 5 children grow up living below the poverty line. 

The high cost of living:  rent, household expenses and childcare, results in crisis for families in our community. Basic needs like food, shelter and warmth are often compromised.

Food banks help, but many families still depend on school breakfast, lunch and snack programs to meet their children’s baseline nutritional needs. In 2015 CFAX Santas Anonymous Society added food insecurity to its funding priorities.

Burnside Gorge Community Association

The Covid pandemic has presented many challenges for local families. Loss of work in many local service industries, two income families forced to reduce to one income to address childcare and more…

Burnside Gorge Community Association has augmented the stress of food insecurity by providing 100 families with a food hamper each week – but funding had elapsed and the need still exists.

CFAX Santas Anonymous Society stepped in to cover this need from March 22 2021 to the end of June 2021.

2021 - $25,000.00

Central Middle School – Healthy Snack for Hungry Kids program

Children who arrive to class hungry can lose productivity, more likely to have poorer health, make slower gains in math and reading, higher levels of anxiety and depression. Children at Central Middle School have access to the breakfast and lunch program, but anxiety grows as the end of the school day approaches and hunger returns.  The Healthy Snacks for Hungry Kids program offers children apples and cheese to help bridge the gap of hunger.  Sadly, too many children have very little to eat until the next day’s breakfast program. 

2020   $5,009.00

2019    $12,342.00

2018    $11,749.00

2017    $8,100.00

2016    $8,000.00

2015    $8,000.00

Camp Subsidies:  When CFAX Santas Anonymous provides subsidies for participation in spring and summer camps for local children and youth – the subsidy also includes a budget for a healthy snack for children.  Many children that attend day camps arrive without food.


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