Westshore U-Lock Mini-Storage

Westshore U-Lock Mini-Storage

Westshore U-Lock Mini Storage has been providing CFAX Santas Anonymous with storage for our Christmas program since 2014. CFAX Santas had received a very large donation of new bikes and needing storage until spring. U-Lock offered Santas the opportunity to continue to use the storage in kind, and this led to the ability to accept many more gifts for children and youth. 

In Kind gifts allow not for profit organizations to reduce their expense and therefore provide more programs.

U-Lock is a family run and family-oriented company who truly care about their community. They help many not for profits and their generosity is invaluable. The generosity of U-Lock has made it possible for CFAX Santas to help more children and youth year-round. 

Thank you Westshore U-Lock Mini Storage!

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