Bottle Depot

Bottle Depot

CFAX Santas Anonymous Society is proud to feature Bottle Depot and the Bottle Depot Charity Bins campaigns for local charities. The owners, leadership and staff at Bottle Depot believe in community and giving back. 

What is the Charity Bin Campaign? 

Bottle Depot is passionate about the environment and the Charity Bin campaigns are a cashless easy way for local charities to fundraise and helps drive the recovery rate of  beverage container materials. 

Fact:  An estimated 1 million containers go lost into the landfill or the environment every day.  Bottle Depot estimates over $3,000.00 worth of recyclables are inappropriately thrown away each night, and ultimately shipped off island.

The Charity Bin campaign encourages communities to return those recyclables and keep the funds local for charities. 

Since 2011 Bottle Depot has supported CFAX Santas Anonymous in raising over $73,000.00 through their Charity Bin Drives. We are proud to announce that the November 2020, December 2020 and January 2021 Charity Bin campaigns for CFAX Santas Anonymous raised $36,378.09 for a grand total raised to date of $109,378.09.

CFAX Santas could not be more grateful for the overwhelming support received from this incredible organization.

Thank you Bottle Depot!



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