Our Firefighters

Our Firefighters

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Thank You for your service through such troubling times.  We are grateful for our affiliation with Firefighter members throughout the CRD. 

For 43 years, a Firefighter has been present as a member on the CFAX Santas Anonymous Board of Directors.  The partnership between Santas and local firefighters is historical based on Santas’ commitment to provide anonymity for local children and their families in need at Christmastime.  A Christmas hamper delivered by a firefighter has given parents and caregivers reassurance that a neighbour, work-mate or friend would not learn of their plight by protecting their privacy.  Firefighters know and understand first-hand how children are the innocent in the harsh reality of poverty (1 in 5 children grow up in poverty in the Province of B.C. – statistic is pre-pandemic). 

In 2010 CFAX Santas Anonymous Society established the Firefighter Toy Room.  When families experience devastating fire – children are the true victims.  Firefighters or CFAX Santas Volunteers have responded immediately by delivering toys and gift cards directly to families within hours.

Firefighter Charitable Associations throughout the CRD have donated to CFAX Santas for decades.  With their support, Santas Anonymous has planned for healthier food hamper options.  Children and youth are home during Christmas and summer break where school based breakfast, lunch and snack programs are not available.  With the donations from the Charitable Associations, CFAX Santas’ grant program More for the Kids has contributed to food security for families for years.

Whether local firefighters are Professional, Volunteers or Retired – their hearts are with the Greater Victoria community!  Thank you for your financial gifts and your gifts of time.

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