Baylea Wilkins’ 5000 Squats for $25,000 and 500 Ball Drop 2021

Combining her passion for fitness and fundraising, Baylea has launched her 2021 Squat challenge -- 5,000 SQUATS FOR $25,000! AND 500 Sports Balls!


Baylea’s 2021 challenge comes with an increase to 5,000 squats and she has 5 guest pacers” (good friends) joining her! Great news:  each of her guest pacers have a sponsor too!

Shannon Naylor
Dan Skinner
Alex Rothwell
Hal Kreisel
Scott Lake
David Wray


Popeye’s Supplements Victoria
Empire Athletics and Wellness
IKAN Kitchens
Phil Smith Roofing
Melanie Smith Developments
The Lake Family’s All One Fund
Fort Capital


Jessica, Scott and Gene Lake, The Lake Family's All One Fund will match every $1,000.00 donation milestone on Baylea’s Giving Page up to $25,000. 

December 13, 2021 Grand Total $52,491.60

Together we can make a difference in the lives of many children - with a special Christmas gift and throughout the year with the gift of sport.

Please donate to Baylea’s Giving Page here!

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