Join Al: Proline Pacers & Runners

Proline Management Ltd. is a family owned and operated local business with a philosophy of giving back to the community as an active part of their business model; their staff is very involved in choosing and fundraising for the charities supported.

With the return to in-person running, the 2022 Oak Bay Half marathon will have Proline's staff lacing up their shoes, all in the name of charity! Please join us in thanking these community ambassadors:

Proline Pacers (4 person relay team):
Alix Baldwin
Kelly Whitney
Kathryn Squires Basson
Samantha Broekhuizen

Staff running various distances:
Sarah Crabb - 21km
Sam Hasham - 10km
Bonnie Scott - 21km
Theodoric Weicksel -10km

Donations can be made directly to Al's $21 for 21km giving page found here.

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