Leave A Legacy

In addition to one-time and monthly contributions, many of our donors have chosen to "leave a legacy" by including CFAX Santas Anonymous Society in their estate plans.

In contrast to the funds raised for Christmas Hampers and Special Grants, legacy donations support the long-term future of Santas Anonymous in our community.

The Cooper Cann Fund

The Cooper Cann Fund is named for Mel Cooper and Marilyn Cann, who started CFAX Santas Anonymous in 1977. Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 in he Cooper Cann Fund, at which point the annual returns will be able to cover our administrative costs. This will enable Santas Anonymous to be more resilient and more focused on delivering programs and services.

Building Fund

Every year, Santas Anonymous has to secure the warehouse and workshop space necessary to deliver our Christmas Hamper program. We’ve benefited greatly from the use of vacant buildings operated by community members, but the lack of a permanent space threatens our operations every year.

The Building Fund will help us to generate sufficient funds to secure a year-round home, so that we can put more time and effort toward increasing our impact.

How To Donate

Our funds are lodged with the Victoria Foundation, which provides strategic support for local charities and assistance to donors in achieving their philanthropic goals. Started in 1936, the Victoria Foundation is one of Canada’s first community foundations and has a strong track record when it comes to returns.

We hope you'll agree that CFAX Santas Anonymous has a legacy worthy of everyone’s support.

Legacy Gifts

If you’d like to arrange a legacy gifts as part of your estate planning, contact Christine Hewitt.

Direct Donations

Immediate donations can be made through the Victoria Foundation.