Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

After another busy season, we’re proud to say that all of our hampers have been delivered and our mission for 2019 is complete. Now, it’s time to put up our feet and enjoy the holidays.

On Christmas morning, we’ll think about the thousands of children waking up to a warm meal and presents waiting to be opened. We’ll think about the parents watching their kids play and laugh. And we’ll think about our friend, Lawrie Smith, who said it best:

“When the last Christmas hamper and gift bags are picked up or delivered, everyone at Santas Anonymous breathes a sigh of relief knowing that we have once again met our commitment to our community. Come December 25th, there will be a lot of smiles on children’s faces. This is what Christmas is all about.”

As always, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude to everyone who makes our Christmas Hamper program happen, from the volunteers who put in tireless hours from October through December, to the donors and sponsors who equip us with food, toys, clothing, gift cards, and all of the other things that go into each hamper.

On behalf of the families we serve, we thank you all. We couldn’t do this without you.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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