21 dips in 21 days

What runs but never walks? Water!

The Spirit Orca's and Coach Susan are back this year supporting CFAX Santas through the joy of swimming. While Al is training for and running 21km, Susan and the Spirit Orcas will be dipping around town at a lake or pool near you!

On the final day, Spirit Orcas Drew and Aly, and Coach Susan will swim 21km at Thetis Lake. This will be the first time for this distance for Aly and Drew – they have been training really hard for the swim. The swim is expected to take 8 hours. Their hope is that others will join them, and when they do, donate $21 to CFAX Santas.

A perfect family and friends activity to bring in this spring, you're invited to bring your favourite towel and join in on the 21 days of dipping with the Spirit Orcas.

Visit their giving page where you can find a list of pools and lakes where you can join the Spirit Orcas in their dip-a-thon, or make a financial donation towards the cause.

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